Monday, September 2, 2013

Education and Media

Dear Readers,

I was participating in #oklaed chat last night, since #iaedchat was on a break. I saw a tweet from @d_mulder mentioning that #oklaed chat was discussing the Come Core State Standards. I decided to drop by the conversation and question six from @BenAllenKOSU asked Q6: What do you wish the media did better in covering #CCSS/ed issues? I first responded with A6 Actually understood what CCSS is all about and not just reading a brochure. It would be great if they attended PDs w Ts. #oklaed. I really thought this was a great idea if the media went to professional development with teachers covering the new Common Core State Standards. The opportunity to be part of the discussion and help promote how the Common Core is changing the instruction in the schools. The conversation slowly turned to how the media is always covering the not so positive things in education. I was watching the stream go by and a thought occurred and I replied with A6 Problem is negativity sells. We need society itself to ask for more on the positive things happening in education. #oklaed This thread made me think deep and hard about why I read the paper. Anytime I look at the front page I am drawn to the horrible things happening in society. Why is it that negativity sells? I know we all strive to stay positive and I always personally work towards that goal, but negativity is what grabs the headlines and society is the one purchasing the material. I really feel that we need to make a shift as a society. It is not the media, the schools, private businesses and all the others that need to shift, but we as a whole need to shift. We need to promote the positive and if positives sells than the media will publish the positive. I wish I had the answer to make it happen by tomorrow, but I will continue my best to promote the positives of society and the great things that our staff and students do.