Friday, January 11, 2013

Risk Taking, why should we do it?

During a professional development early out I set time aside to work with teachers on twitter.  I could tell from some of the expression why should we learn Twitter.  I tried to explain to the staff how twitter is a 24/7 PD, connections to others, an idea gathering place, and much more.  I have enjoyed learning from @Aaron_Becker32, @markliddell, @bcurrie5,  @casas_jimmy and many, many more.  I ventured into #IAedchat and #Satchat to gain even more knowledge.  I have been using twitter to   ask questions and gain answers.  If I had not taken the risk and started using this resource where would I be now?

Now to the point of the post.  We ask students to take a risk in class, raise your hand, speak out, give it a try, do not be afraid to get the wrong answer and so on and so forth.  Now if, we want to be role models we need to take risks ourselves.  We need to try new things and see the results.  We need to have the initiative to give it a whirl.  I will role model risk taking for staff and students.  If I am not willing to make a mistake, learn from it and correct it than why should the students or staff.  The biggest part of learning is to learn from your mistakes.

Image from Presenter Media