Sunday, April 22, 2012


My zite app brought a great article to my ipad. The article was written by Tralee Pearce Generation Disengaged? This article really made me begin to think about the situation we always find our self in education; trying to engage a student in their education seems to be getting tougher and tougher each year. I contact parents, have meetings, and even discuss possible retention with the student. I have had multiple conversation with parents and students trying to engage them with their education. I point out how education is a means to an end. I try to point how at the end of high school would you rather have a choice in what you do or be told this is what you have to do by society? I try and show that an education can get you choices in life and not be forced into something you do not want not having an education. However I feel that my words sometimes fall on deaf ears. After meeting with parents, staff, and student and to still see that student not getting involved with their education I am left speechless. I try to offer the student extrinsic value of something they want and to give them the help they need, but they still show no intrinsic effort. The article mention that these millennials value wealth and status, doesn't education help lead to these things? If you have any insight or help in addressing this issue please let me know.